About us

The origins of today's FLACO-Geräte GmbH go back to the year 1933, in which the Fritz Landwehr & Co. Maschinenfabrik was founded. In 1981 Friedrich Landwehr took over the management of FLACO-Geräte GmbH. In 2012 Thomas Voigt joined the company, currently with 80 employees, as General Manager.

All employees are pursuing the same goal: Satisfied customers! Then the whole company is focused on the development department and after-sales service. That Flaco produced alongside the series devices running custom-designed to achieve the individual customer wishes.

One thing always has top priority: product quality! Whether a serial device or custom-made - all products must meet the highest standards of quality.

Almost all FLACO products are in use every day - some even 24 hours a day. Therefore FLACO offers you an after-sales service with a nationwide network of service partners, and an immediate supply of spare parts. All critical components are always in stock at FLACO or its service partners.

In order to realize this long-term, there is a central point: the staff! FLACO-Geräte GmbH is aware of the importance of skilled and motivated employees. For this reason, ongoing training is held. In addition, FLACO makes a valuable contribution to society with industrial and commercial training.