Pipeline construction

As an energy carrier in your production facility, the compressed air system plays an indispensable role in the production processes. By providing quality air exactly where it is required, just at the right pressure and at the least cost, the innovative compressed air piping AIRnet by Atlas Copco complements your compressed air projects.

The system consists entirely of high quality components and is characterized by flexibility and easy installation to meet all the design and production requirements. Thanks to a broad range of durable products AIRnet is a complete solution from the source to production.

FLACO is the best resource for the planning and execution of pipeline construction. With pipe diameters of 20 to 80 mm, your piping needs can be designed precisely to your needs.

Reduced energy costs

  • With AIRnet, you will be able to significantly reduce your operating costs, since greater air flow is provided at a lower pressure loss due to the smooth inner aluminum walls.
  • The corrosion-free pipes and fittings of the AIRnet system minimize the risk of leaks and keep the pressure drop constant over time, so energy losses are reduced.
  • An integrated O-ring ensures air-tight connections.
  • A reduction of the pressure drop by 1 bar corresponds with energy savings equivalent to 7% of the total installed compressor capacity.

Time savings

  • AIRnet can be installed quickly and easily by one person.
  • AIRnet systems can be installed in one third of the time that is required for conventional systems. The maintenance of the pipe network can be performed just as quickly.
  • Since all components are adjustable and reusable, the AIRnet system can grow parallel to your production site.
  • AIRnet is compatible with all previously installed pipes and equipment.
  • To reduce downtime, the installation can be pressurized immediately upon completion.

Built for a long service life

The AIRnet-line system is resistant to corrosion, mechanical shock effects, fire, temperature changes and weather conditions. Thanks to constant quality clean compressed air, the AIRnet system guarantees a longer service life for your appliances and an increased usefulness for filter elements.

Due to the high performance of the AIRnet product range, Atlas Copco will provide you with a warranty of 10 years for AIRnet-fittings and aluminum pipes against damages due to material defects.