High-pressure grease guns AH 4

The pneumatically operated high pressure grease guns AH 4 are suitable for greases of NLGI grades 000 to 3 . They are equipped with dust protecction or centering covers and an intake pipes for the insertion in the original container. Models for 25, 50 and 200 kg containers are available.

The guns are designed for an air pressure of up to 10 bar and therefore produce a pump pressure of 400 bar max. Higher air pressures in the supply system of the high pressure gun can be reduced with the aid of the compressed air reduction valve. The delivered quantity equals a maximum of 325 cm³/min.

Stationary or mobile

The high pressure grease guns AH 4 are available as stationary or portable equipment. The portable systems have a stable carriage for 50 or 200 kg containers and are equipped with a 2.2 m long rubber reinforced hose and the grease gun H4/64 with a hydraulic mouthpiece.