Oil dispenser carts

The oil dispenser carts are suitable for delivering lubricating oils, as well as antifreeze concentrate and mixtures within a viscosity range of 8 to 2,000 mPa∙s (calibratable: 20 to 2,000 mPa∙s) from original containers. Carts are available for 60 and 200 liter original containers with electrically or pneumatically operated pumps. Details for chassis 60 and 200 may be found here.

All models have a feed capacity of up to 10 l/min, depending on the viscosity.

They are equipped with a ¾“ suction line for original containers and a 2.2 m long delivery hose DN 16 with axial swivel joint. Numerous nozzles and meters are available as discharge bodies.

Oil dispenser carts with FZP 230

The high performance gear pumps FZP 230 are controlled by a pressure switch and are equipped with an AC motor (230 V, 50 Hz) at 0.55 kW and a 5 m connecting cable with a safety plug. The adjustable overflow valve has a flexible return line.

The feed pump in the non-calibratable model has a valve combination; the calibratable model also has a gas measurement prevention unit.

Oil dispenser carts with AN 4

The high performance piston pumps AN 4 are suitable for an air pressure of max. 10 bar and can be used from 2 bar. They have a gear ratio of 1:3 and have an integrated compressed air reducing valve.

The feed pump in the non-calibratable model has a pressure compensation reservoir; the calibratable model has a gas measurement prevention unit.