FLACO offers a wide range of accessories for feed pumps.

Pump timer

Pump timers offer a reliable protection against environmental damages by limiting the pump operating times, for example, up to the business hours of the automotive shop. 3 switching cycles are freely programmable, which can be assigned to week days. A pump timer can be used for a targeted activation and cutoff of several delivery pumps.

Run time limiter

The maximum run time of the pumps can be limited as another measure to protect against environmental hazards. The maximum run time is set at the factory between 1 minute and 1 hour according to your specifications. If the maximum run time is not achieved, the clock is automatically reset.

Barrel or tank drain cutoff

You will prevent a dry run of the pumps and can simultaneously be informed of the empty barrel or the empty tank by external warning devices.

The shutdowns are composed of a control unit for motors, solenoid valves or controllers, and a float. In addition to floats with connecting cables, FLACO also offers special tailor-made 200-liter original container floats, which are provided with a guide pipe or are directly attached to the intake pipe.

Suction line switching devices

You can connect two tanks with one feed pump with the practical suction line switching devices. It is switched either manually with a practical single lever operation or automatically by an electronic control unit. Return lines are naturally also switched when using gear pumps - return lines are not required for piston pumps.

The electronic switching unit consists of a control unit in a plastic housing, electronically activated ball cocks and a height adjustable float.

Additional accessories

FLACO also offers everything your need for the installation of the feed pumps. Suction lines of steel or stainless steel, flexible pipe connections according to TRbF 50, drip pans, gate valves, ball cocks, suction pipe holders, barrel and tank screws, controllers, solenoid valves for pneumatically operated pumps, on/off buttons, key switches, etc.!