Central control cabinets

Central control cabinets by FLACO are used for the central power supply or feed pumps and solenoid valves. They are pre-wired, and equipped with a main switch and control and single fuses for each feed pump. The cabinets naturally have connections for external key switches.

The advantages are clear: Expensive single installations per pump are omitted, the oil chamber is clear and not obstructed.

Can there be anything more?

Flaco also offers the central control cabinets with a complete pump management. They have an electronic control unit and a display for the error message in plain text.

The additional function scope of the central control cabinets with pump management:

  • Pump timers for a reliable protection against environmental damages by limiting the pump operating times, for example, up to the business hours of the automotive shop. 3 switching cycles are freely programmable, which can be assigned to week days. The pump timer can be used for a targeted activation and cutoff of all connected delivery pumps.
  • The maximum run time of the pumps can be limited as another measure to protect against environmental hazards. The maximum run time is set at the factory between 1 minute and 1 hour according to your specifications. If the maximum run time is not achieved, the clock is automatically reset.
  • Control of the barrel or tank drain shutoff to prevent a dry run of the connected feed pumps and signal a malfunction.
  • The monitoring system of the power consumption of the pump switches the pumps off at an excessive power consumption to prevent subsequent damages.

In addition, the following expansion possibilities are available for the central control cabinets with pump management:

  • In order to further improve the protection against environmental damages, the run time may be limited according to quantity. A measuring unit with pulse generator is installed in the pipe and connected to the central control cabinet for this purpose. The maximum flow rate per pump start can thereby be limited - regardless of the time.
  • To signal malfunctions, the LED signalling in the control cabinet can be supplemented by a remote malfunction signalling. This can be installed at a central or decentral point at the various collection points.