The non-calibratable FLACOCONTROL 100 is an electronic fluid management system to control the dispensing of media.

FLACOCONTROL 100 is distinguished by:

  • A user-friendly touch panel with an easy and self-explanatory user guide
  • Electronic control, which can be adjusted to the individual customer by FLACO
  • Log-in of users with various authorization levels
  • Detailed error description in plain text and support windows for error messages
  • Simultaneous dispensing of 6 media, 2 of these as mixture, such as antifreeze
  • Mixture ratio is adjustable
  • Run time monitoring of individual dispensing
  • Monitoring of pulse generator signals
  • Recipes for type-related dispensing of several media with selection volumes
  • Media names can be defined by the operator
  • Resettable totalizer for each medium
  • Can be expanded by a modular construction

Basic unit:

  • Control cabinet housing
  • Touch panel 6" monochrome, with 6 additional control buttons
  • Simultaneous delivery of 6 media, 2 of which as mixture
  • Activation of 6 main flow valves
  • Evaluation of six pulse generators (3 x max. 100 kHz, 3 x max. 30 Hz)
  • RJ45 (Ethernet) interface
  • Power supply 230 V, 50 Hz, 6 A

Expansion options:

  • Simultaneous dispensing of max. 12 media
  • Delivery of several mixtures
  • Activation of main and auxiliary flow valves
  • 6 channels with a max. input frequency 100 kHz
  • Activation of separate pump outputs
  • Controller and motor protection for pumps
  • Speed control for pumps
  • Run time limitation for pumps and tank empty cutoff
  • Flow monitoring of pipes
  • Tank content measurement with visualization
  • Evaluation of overfill protection and leak alarm units
  • Secure emergency off circuits
  • Data transmission to the PC in CSV format (i.e. suitable for Excel)
  • RJ45- (Ethernet) switch (4-fold, 8-fold or 16-fold)
  • RS232 and RS485 interfaces for the connection to external units (such as a scanner)
  • Larger screen (up to 15" color)
  • Linking of several FLACOCONTROL 100