In order to complete your waste oil extraction systems, FLACO also offers special accessories, in addition to suction hoses, hose fixtures, etc.

Suction probes

FLACO suction probes are made of plastic and have outer diameters of 6 or 8 mm at lengths of 680 or 1,250 mm.

An extremely flexible and heat resistant suction probe with inserted flat wire spiral is new in the product range. It has an outer diameter of 8 mm and is 1,055 mm long.

FLACO has a practical stainless steel suction probe tube in their product range for proper storage of the suction probes.

Suction relief valves

The suction relief valves replace the drain plugs on oil pans of vehicles. They represent an additional interesting option for a clean oil change, in addition to the suction probes. They are available in thread sizes of 12 to 30 mm and can be connected to the FLACO suction units by an adapter.