Drum storage systems

FLACO also offers practical solutions for the storage of drums.

Collecting trays

The collecting trays for 200 liter original containers consist of galvanized steel with adjustable feet and grating. Trays for up to 10 drums are available.

FLACO offers you drum transport lifts for easily and comfortably setting the containers on the trays.

Drum shelves

The drum shelves for 60 liter original containers consist of galvanized steel and a galvanized collecting tray. They are available for up to 6 drums and can be used for delivering fluids with the respective drain valves.

Drum stacking frame

The stacking frames are available for 60 and 200 liter original containers and can also be combined due to the identical dimensions. They consist of galvanized steel and are provided with fork inserts for easier stacking. A galvanized collecting tray is also available. They can be used to deliver fluids with the appropriate drain valves.

Area protection systems

These systems are suitable to protect larger areas from pollution. The 78 mm flat and galvanized floor elements are provided with grates and can be easily and safely accessed via ramps. Connecting profiles provided a suitable hold of the floor elements.