Silent KAZ (oil lubricated)

The Silent KAZ series was developed based on the rugged and powerful KAZ series.

The Silent KAZ-series covers the following range:

  • Volume flow of 210-1650 l / min.
  • Rated excess operating pressure of 10 to 15 bar
  • Motor capacity of 2.2 to 15 kW

The compressors of the Silent series are characterized by the innovative technology and modern design. They are designed for applications where low noise is just as important as the technical and functional characteristics of the compressor. Properties that guarantee high reliability when using pneumatic tools.

Optimal cooling provides a high performance level and the robust base frame allows a virtually vibration-free operation. The entire supporting structure was  powder coated.

Other advantages of the Silent KAZ-series at a glance

  • Electronic control and diagnostic system
  • Operating hour counter
  • Two-stage construction with intermediate and after coolers
  • Low compressor speed for low wear
  • Interior forced air
  • Silent air intake filter
  • V-belt drive