Condensate drain BEKOMAT


Electronically level-controlled condensate drains BEKOMAT are the industry standard for the safe and economic disposal of condensate with over 1,500,000 installations worldwide.

The comprehensive BEKOMAT range provides the assurance to select the ideal condensate drain for any compressor capacity, compressor type, system pressure and operating conditions. Special BEKOMAT are available for extremely aggressive condensates, hazardous areas, low pressure and vacuum and for no-load operations of multistage compressors.

Reliability and the compressed air loss-free, so that energy-saving operations by BEKO BEKOMAT have made BEKO the worldwide industry standard. There are also good reasons for this in a technology comparison.

Significant advantages over float drains

  • Unaffected by dirt, resulting in a reliable operation
  • Integrated fault message
  • Low maintenance
  • Large cross-sections to prevent emulsion developments

Significant advantages over solenoid valves

  • Quantity adjusted working method
  • No unnecessary compressed air losses
  • Integrated fault message
  • Large cross-sections to prevent emulsion developments

BEKOMAT for every use

A wide assortment offers a cost-effective alternative for any use. It is adjustable to any conventional supply voltage, control elements and control unit are leak-proof according to IP 65.