FLACO fuel dispensers consist of many components that can be assembled according to your request. The components and their potential configurations are presented in the following..


Of course, the stationary FLACO fuel systems are available in a calibratable and non-calibratable version.


Various systems are available for the display of delivery quantities, price per liter and total price.

Feed pumps

Feed pumps in tank systems with pumps can be directly installed on the storage tank or in the fuel dispenser.


Nozzles for AUS 32 are made of stainless steel and are designed without a lock. The fuel dispensers can be equipped with automatic nozzles with and without a magnetic lock. The placement area for the nozzles has a contact switch to control the fuel-supply pumps.

Dispensing hoses

The fuel dispensers are equipped with basic hose reels with a dispensing hose of approx. 4 m. These have an automatic, non-lockable tube feeder.