Dispensing panel

The TCI systems are equipped with a dispensing panel, which fulfills 3 functions.

  • The upper area is used to house the display.
  • The center area incorporates the nozzle.
  • The lower area can be used to take up the filling connection behind a locked cover.

The panel is blue. Special colors can be implemented upon request.

Now with brush cover

The new panel does not require the self-locking Plexiglas door. The nozzle can be easily removed from the holder to start the refueling process. Vertical guide rollers guarantee an easy handling of the delivery hose.

Instead of using the door, the delivery hose is protected from the elements with a brush cover. The thermostatically controlled FLACOVENT heating system ensures that no AUS 32 freezes in nozzle and hose.

This system is also used in the FLACO fuel dispensers and worked without any problems in the past few years.

Three positions for more flexibility

For the installation of dispensing panel and access door three positions are for your choice. The picture shows the installation of the dispensing panel (left to right): left, front, right.

Parallel fill-ups on two delivery points

In addition, special versions with two dispensing panels and the respective technology can be delivered. Two vehicles can thereby be simultaneously be filled.