FLACOblue: Simple. Quick. Clean.

The groundbraking dispenser specifically for AdBlue® passenger car refilling in garages.

Refueling with FLACOblue60

Initial operation of FLACOblue60

Servicing of FLACOblue60

Simply move the FLACOblue60 dispenser to the vehicle to be refilled. Insert nozzle into the filler neck and start refilling. Optionally engage the quick-filling function, finished. The FLACOblue60 dispenser automatically shuts off when refilling is completed. The unit is promptly ready to use again.

Clean refilling

The new FLACO-nozzle for absolutely reliable operation throughout the flow range of the pumping system, automatically shuts off when the maximum fill level is reached. The accurately fitting components allow for virtually dripless refilling. The nozzle is adapted to the AdBlue® filler neck and activated with a mismatch-proof feature to prevent misfilling. The specially designed Quadro sensor head prevents the AdBlue® vehicle tank from overflowing whilst refilling. Refilling automatically stops if the nozzle is removed whilst refilling.

Quick refilling

The FLACOblue60 uses two flow rates. In the normal setting the user can specify a standard flow rate of up to 3.5 L/min. Presetting a function button whilst filling will adjust the pump to a maximum flow of up to approx. 10L/min, depending on the model.

High efficiency and flexibility

The self-refill system allows the FLACOblue60 to refill from conventional, inexpensive 200L or 1000L standard containers.

The built-in battery allows the unit to be operated off the line - no power- or compressed air connection required. This makes the FLACOblue60 ready for use anywhere, anytime.