You can adjust the FLACO high pressure grease guns precisely to your needs with the accessories range.

Grease follower cover

Using a grease follower cover is mandatory when using lubricating greases of the NLGI grades 1 to 3 in grease guns. FLACO offers these covers for container-inner diameters of 215 to 590 mm and container-weights of 10 to 200 kg.

Reinforced rubber hoses

FLACO has reinforced rubber hoses with thread or pipe fittings (for compression joints) in any length in their product range for connections of grease presses and guns, grease press and pipe and pip and gun.

Ball valves and pressure relief valves are also available for an easy integration into your stationary system.

Grease gun and handle

The high-pressure grease gun H 4 / 64 and the high-pressure handle Mu 2 are equipped with a high pressure screen and designed for the use with a mouthpiece, couplings and extensions.
In order to reach difficult to reach areas easily, the gun and handle can be equipped with a half or full joint.

Couplings and extensions

The range of couplings spans from 4-jaw hydraulic couplings to hollow, pointed and nozzle mouthpieces to sliding couplings for head diameters of 10, 16 or 22 mm.
They are available with nozzle pipes or reinforced rubber hoses with threaded or quick-connectors (for the connection to hydraulic cross-couplings).

System hose reels

The new FLACO system hose reels for grease are available at hose lengths of 6.5 to 15 m and equipped with a full joint. Details for the system hose reels are available here.