Drum stations

The FLACO drum stations were designed to deliver lubricating oils from 200 liter original containers within the shop. The drum are stored on a collecting tray for 2 containers. Models for 1 or 2 oil types are available. They are equipped with system hose drums with an 8 m delivery hose and axial swivel joint.

High performance feed pump

The high performance gear pump FZP 230 with pressure switch delivers up to 10 l/min from the drum. It is suitable for motor, transmission and hydraulic oil within a viscosity range of 8 to 2,000 mPa∙s (calibratable: 20 to 2,000 mPa∙s) and operates with an AC motor (230 V, 50 Hz) at 0.55 kW.

The feed pump in non-calibratable models has a valve combination, the non-calibratable models also have a gas measuring ratio unit. Both models are available with digital and analog manual flow meters.