Feed pumps

The feed pumps by FLACO are used in stationary and portable systems. They are offered as electrically powered gear pump and as pneumatically powered piston pump - both series are available in a calibratable and non-calibratable version.

Gear pumps FZP

The high-gear pumps FZP are offered for supply voltages of 400 V and 230 V.

The range also includes calibratable and non-calibratable versions with pressure switch or contactor controller.

Piston pumps AN 4

The high performance piston pumps AN 4 can be used at air pressures of 2 to 10 bar.

Central control cabinets

Central control cabinets by FLACO are used for the central power supply of feed pumps and solenoid valves.

Models with pump management are fully equipped with an electronic controller and a plain-text display. Functions such as pump timers, run time limiters and tank drainage shutoff are thereby realized.


FLACO offers a wide range of accessories for feed pumps, such as control units, suction lines, suction line switching devices and drip pans.