Gear pumps FZP

The high-performance gear pumps FZP are offered for supply voltages of 400 V and 230 V.

The advantages of the high-performance gear pumps FZP at a glance:

  • Technology proven to be reliable for decades
  • Suitable for numerous media
  • High feed capacity
  • Load-free start
  • With pressure switch or contactor controller
  • Calibratable version
  • Practical accessories

Many times proven

The high-gear pumps by FLACO have been used successfully for decades. They work continuously reliable and trouble-free.

Deliver lubricating fluids

You can deliver lubricating, non-aggressive fluids with a flashpoint of over 55 °C with the FZP by FLACO. In the standard version, they deliver lubricating oils, antifreeze concentrates and mixtures in a viscosity range of 8-2,000 mPa∙s. In addition, special versions are available in viscosities of up to 5,000 mPa∙s.

In larger quantities

The FZPs reach delivery capacities of up to 10 l/min., depending on the viscosity and suction and pressure lines. In addition, special models with up to 500 l/min. are available.

Easy start

The pumps can start easily and reliably high pressures can be effectively prevented in the system thanks to the valve combinations.

Decide for yourself!

The FZP 400 and FZP 230 are available with a pressure switch as well as a contactor controller. Pumps with pressure switches result in a clear reduction of the required cables and therefore in lower assembly costs.

Naturally also calibratable

All models are also available as calibratable version. In order to prevent air in the system, they are equipped with a gas measurement prevention devices.

Practical accessories

FLACO offers a wide range of accessories for feed pumps. This includes safety equipment such as pump timers and run time limiters as well as practical suction line switch-over devices and tank drainage cutoffs.