Industrial hose reels

FLACO offers you industrial hose reels FI 2540 for high flow rates, even with long dispensing hoses.

The advantages of the industrial hose reels by FLACO at a glance:

  • Technology proven to be reliable for years
  • Large nominal widths
  • Complete flexibility
  • Suitable for numerous media

Solid structure

The industrial hose reels of type FI 2540 have been used successfully for many years. They also withstand the greatest stress thanks to the heavy-duty design. The automatic hose locking mechanism makes work easy and the fully encapsulated return spring provides great retractive force.

More flow

The industrial hose reels are designed for large flow rates at a nominal width of DN 25 and single connecting threads. Since they can adapt to a 15 m dispensing hose DN 20 or 10 m, they are also suitable for greater distances.

Decide for yourself

You can adjust the extraction direction of the hose optimal to your requirements due to the variably positionable hose reel opening.

More application options

The industrial hose reels are available for numerous non-flammable media - fresh oil, antifreeze concentrate and mixtures, windshield washing fluid, water, and also for extracting used oil.

Of course, you special requests will also be implemented in addition to the standard hose lengths.