System hose reels

The many times proven system hose reels by FLACO were upgraded and again improved. The simplification of the assembly and maximum flexibility in reference to pull-out and assembly directions were thereby in the foreground.

The advantages of the FLACO system hose reels at a glance:

  • Technology proven to be reliable for decades
  • Easy to install
  • Complete flexibility
  • Suitable for numerous media
  • Attractive appearance
  • Practical accessories

Keep the good

The hose reels by FLACO have been in use for many years. The automatic hose locking mechanism makes work easy and the fully encapsulated return spring provides great retractive force. You are always safe with the flexible pipe connection according to TRbF.

And improve further

In order to simplify the installation, a drum shoe was developed. This will be attached on the intended point. These can be initially bolted together when installing several reels. The installation is therefore even easier and the result better.

After the shoe is attached, the drum is attached in the shoe and secured. The hood is then pushed over the hood as a final step and sttached to the shoe - it can't be any easier!

More installation options

You can select from two pull-out directions of the new system hose reels. Either parallel or at a right angle to the drum shoe. In both cases, you can mount the drum shoe on walls, ceilings or floors.

More application options

The new hose reels are available for numerous non-flammable media - fresh oil, antifreeze concentrate and mixed windshield washing fluid, watery urea solution, water, greases, air and also for extracting used oil.

Of course, your special requests will also be implemented in addition to the standard hose lengths.

Modern appearance

The reel cover was also designed accordingly with the slanted hood. It can be manufactured of stainless steel or painted steel plate. In addition to the customary light gray paint coat (RAL 7035), all possible special paint coats can also be realized. The reels can therefore alway be optimally integrated in your shop.

Practical accessories

If you decide on a system hose reel without a cover, you can order the practical reel shoe separately and therefore considerably simplify the mounting.

A hinged bracket is available for the assembly of single hose reels, so you never have to drag the hose around the corner.

When using the hose reels in pits, these must be mounted partially flush to the wall for space availabilities. FLACO also has a suitable solution available with the stable mounting bracket.