FLACO offers a large selection of nozzles for many media to dispense media. They can be used on stationary or portable systems.

Oil filling nozzles

The FLACO oil filling nozzles are equipped with a full hose valve for non-drip filling and a two-stage automatic opener for precise metering. They are designed for a max. nominal pressure of 10 bar and are suitable for motor and transmission oils as well as for water mixtures.

The nozzles are available with a straight, angled or bent outlet pipe. As an alternative, an outlet pipe with a hook gauge and check valve e.g. for transmission oil can be used.

The nozzles for calibratable systems must be designed with a sight glass. At FLACO, you have a choice between a plastic model and a glass tube model with metal sheathing.

The drip pans for wall mounting round out the offer. They are available in a single to triple version.

Special nozzles

The special nozzles by FLACO are suitable for the delivery of thin-fluid media, such as motor and hydraulic oil, antifreeze concentrate or mixtures in a viscosity range from 8 to 120 mPa∙s.

They enable a max. flow of 50 l/min, depending on the viscosity, and have a full hose valve for non-drip nozzles, as the oil fill nozzles. Please note that the versions with locking mechanism need to have a reserve volume equal to 3 minutes of pump run time at a maximum output.

The practical tray for the special nozzle is equipped with a contact switch, e.g. for the connection to tank data collection systems and a drip pan with a volume of 1 liter, oil level gauge glass and drain plug.

Drip pans are also available in a single to triple version for wall mounting.

Water nozzles

In addition to the high pressure washer nozzle for a nominal pressure of max. 40 bar, FLACO also offers a water nozzle for a nominal pressure of up to 4 bar. Both are suitable for water temperatures of up to 40°C.