Universal extraction module

FLACO also offers universal extraction modules with a steel housing for suctioning off motors or waste oil collection units, in addition to waste oil extraction units.
You can select the suction hose with ball valve, quick coupling and suction adapter according to your needs.

Pneumatically powered

The high performance dual diaphragm pump PM 1 is designed for a max. air pressure of 8 bar and is equipped with a compressed air solenoid valve. The PM 1 can deliver dirt particles up to a size of 1 mm.

Automatic controller...

The automatic suction controller is equipped with an automatic cutoff and trailing unit, which is activated when the negative pressure drops considerably. A vacuum meter makes the negative pressure visible. Naturally, the units can also be switched on and off manually.

The bus capability allows to connect additional controllers or to the overflow protection BC-1, in order to prevent overfilling storage tank.

...or somewhat easier

If you would like to relinquish the automatic control, just opt for the simple universal extraction module with a manual on / off switch.