Waste oil collecting devices, stationary

The permanently installed waste oil collecting devices by FLACO are designed to be used in pits.

Waste oil pit trolley

The waste oil pit trolley has a capacity of 60 liters. The discharge drainage is possible via a 1" ball valve, and a connection with a spigot to match the FLACO quick coupling is available for the extraction drainage.
The 4 stable castors can be set to distances between 800 and 1,100 mm. The inserted splatter sieve and the deflector plates on the sides protect you from oil splatters.

Waste oil gutter

The waste oil gutter is delivered in 2 or 3 m long segments and welded together on site. The result is a permanently sealed gutter. This is bolted to the pit wall and serves to capture and temporarily store used lubricating oils.

The gutter actually has a guide track for the waste oil collection pan with carriage that can be moved over the entire length of the gutter.

The large pan is equipped with a splatter sieve and has a pivoting radius of 900 mm and a telescoping range of 1,065 mm.

Waste oil shear

Based on the three-fold swivel arm and the height adjustable collecting pan, the waste oil shear is very flexible to use. The pivoting radius is 1,800 mm, the telescoping range 1,065 mm. The large drip pan is equipped with an inserted splatter sieve.

Waste oil surge tank

The waste oil can be used together with waste oil gutters, pit trolley and shears. It is available with 40 and 120 liter container and has a two-chamber system. The feed pump is controlled via level switch.