Waste oil extraction trolley

Lubricating oils can be directly extracted from the hot motor with the waste oil extraction trolley by FLACO. You have a choice between two very powerful pumps: The high performance gear pump KF 12 and the high-performance dual-diaphragm pump PM 1.


The KF 12 is powered by an AC motor 230 V, 50 Hz) at 0.55 kW. The 5 m long connection cable provides the necessary mobility. The automatic extraction control has a shut-off and set stop, start and stop button, and vacuum gauges.

... or pneumatic

The pneumatically driven PM 1 is designed for an air pressure of up to 10 bar. It is supplied with a 5 m hose and a spigot.

Fully equipped

Both models come with a 2.2 m long suction hose DN 16, quick coupling and suction adapter and 2 suction probes along with a tube.
The trolleys can also be used for collecting lubricating oils by retrofitting collecting funnels.

Mobile also with a large tank

The stable car is very well suited for use in the workshop with his large castors and swivel castors and hand brake.  The collecting tank with a volume of 60 or 120 liters has a level and overflow display.