Waste oil feed pumps

FLACO has waste oil feed pumps in their product range for the connection to a waste oil gutter or a waste oil surge tank. They secure the permanent waste oil transport from commercial vehicle pits in conjunction with a waste oil disposal control. They are delivered with a 0.75 m long extraction hose DN 20 and a 0.6 m long flexible pipe connection DN 16.

Powered by AC...

The high performance gear pump KF 12 is powered by an AC motor at 0.55 kW. It reaches feed capacities of up to 10 l/min (relative to the viscosity and extraction and pressure lines).

... or compressed air

The high performance dual diaphragm pumps PM 1 and PM 2 are even more powerful. They are designed for a max. air pressure of 8 bar and are equipped with a compressed air solenoid valve. The PM 1 reaches capacities of up to 20 l/min (relative to the viscosity and the extraction and pressure lines) and can pump dirt particles of up to a size of 1 mm. The PM 2 can accomplish even more: Up to 50 l/min (relative to the viscosity and the extraction and pressure lines) and dirt particles of a size up to 3 mm.

Smart control

FLACO offers the waste oil discharge control system for the automatic control of the waste oil feed pump. The pump is switched via the lower level switch of the waste oil surge tank or the waste oil gutter. Naturally, the feed pump can also be switched on and off manually.

The alarm buzzer of the control can be activated when exceeding the filling level in the waste oil surge tank by installing an upper level switch.

The bus capability allows to connect additional controllers or to the overflow protection BC-1, in order to prevent overfilling storage tank.