Energy supply

The power supply directly at the workplace makes for short distances and thus represents an efficient order processing. In addition to energy gondolas, FLACO also offers compact manifolds, which can be equipped according to your wishes.

Energy gondolas

The energy gondolas are designed universally and variable to supply workstations with compressed air, AC and DC as well as data. The separate supply of AC and DC is used for separately securing the CEE and safety sockets in commercial design. The sockets are housed in a heavy-duty, completely insulated housing.

400 V, 32 A and 400 V, 16 A as well as 230 V, 16 A are available as power sockets. The compressed air quick couplings DN 7.2 can also be designed as safety coupling for a pressure-relieving coupling of the hose.

Cables, hoses or tools can be suspended from 2 large hooks.

The systems can be used even more efficiently with the practical suspension kits and traversing units.

Compact manifold

The compact manifolds are the consistent and logical development of the energy gondolas. They reduce the workload in vehicle repairs, simplify the work processes and ensure service quality.

The general-purpose systems are used to supply workstations with compressed air, AC and DC, battery charging current and data.

The compact manifolds are modular and can, for example, be equipped with the following components:

Basic steel plate housing

  • Plastic coated
  • Protective and handle bracket with rubber section
  • Hook for cables, compressed air hose, etc.

Electronic tire filling device

  • Electronic pressure setting
  • LCD display for nominal and actual pressure
  • Air pressure max. 10 bar
  • Mechanical push-buttons
  • Audible alarm device
  • Valve system and power supply connector
  • PTB-Approval No.

Universal battery charger

  • Suitable for all applications around the vehicle's electrical system
  • Battery charge and support parallel to the on-board electrical system
  • Capacity of 0.75 kW
  • Automatic detection and selection of the battery voltage of 12 V, 24 V or 36 V
  • Battery charger cable, 5 m long, with high-quality battery clips

Compressed air distributor

  • Comperssed air reducing valve
  • 3 pneumatic couplings, DN 7.2

Power sockets

  • CEE and contact sockets in an industrial design
  • 1 x 400 V, 16 A
  • 3 x 230 V, 16 A

Data sockets

  • 2 x RJ45

Lifting equipment

The compact manifolds can be used even more efficiently with the practical lifting equipment. They are powered pneumatically or manually and allow a lifting distance of up to 700 mm. The lifting equipment can be adjusted to various ceiling heights when using he telescopic pipes. The compact manifolds can also be rotated by 180°.