Piston compressors

Piston compressors are among the most versatile and efficient compressors as forerunners of the first compressed air systems.

Advantages of piston compressors

  • Due to the solid construction and simple operating principle, piston compressors are the best solution for compressed air task under harsh conditions in the lower and medium performance range.
  • Easy maintenance operations thanks to easily accessible parts.
  • No special treatment (oil separator) and no oil filters are required.
  • High degree of reliability and durability due to modern lubricants.
  • Piston compressors work in a very large range of operating pressures. FLACO offers machines with a maximum operating pressure of 30 bar.

KAZ (oil lubricated)

The robust and powerful KAZ series by FLACO was specifically designed for crafts and trades.

Silent KAZ (oil lubricated)

The Silent KAZ series was developed based on the rugged and powerful KAZ series.

LE and LT (oil lubricated)

The compressor block, which is directly coupled to the motor, is made with lightweight materials from the automotive industry with outstanding cooling properties and is therefore ideal for the installation in cramped conditions.

LF (oil-free)

The compressors of the LF series by Atlas Copco produce oil-free compressed air. They stand for exceptional reliability and minimal maintenance.

LFx (oil-free)

The Atlas Copco LFx product range with oil-free piston compressors is a new concept for small compressors, which offer a 100% oil-free operation.

LFx MED (oil-free)

Whether you work in a small dental practice, a veterinary laboratory, a clinic or a hospital, the highest level of hygiene is always important. You will need absolutely clean compressed air to operate the equipment required for your work.