Tank Technology

FLACO is among the pioneers of manufacturers of dispensing systems for AdBlue®. In addition, FLACO offers dispensing systems in petrol stations for diesel, lubricants, and vegetable oil.

In addition to innovative products, Flaco also offers superior service from our own technicians and a nationwide network of trained service partners.

Product group AdBlue® Diesel Veg. oil Lubricant Antifreeze
Tank container (TCI) x        
Fuel Dispenser
   FD II x x   x x
   FD III x x x x x
    x x
Mobile tank systems
   FLACOblue60 x        
   Blue IBC x        
   TruckMaster   x      
Individual solutions
x x x x  

Tank Container (TCI)

TCI systems are turnkey tank containers, including tank, filling fittings and dispensing systems for AdBlue® in calibratable or non-calibratable version.

Fuel Dispenser

FLACO fuel dispensers are modular. Dispensing equipment and display are housed in elegant enclosures.

Individual solutions

You have special requirements for your tank system? FLACO will support you from the planning of individual systems to their assembly until their regular maintenance.