Peripheral devices

The the functionality of stationary fuel filling systems are further extended with the use of peripheral devices and the collection and management of tank processes become significantly easier.

Customer activated terminals

Stationary FLACO fuel systems can naturally be connected to customer activated terminals. FLACO hereby offers its own customer activated terminals with TAU 2 and TAU 6. A link to other customer activated terminals, for example, for using already existing systems, must always be checked in single cases.

The customer activated terminals TAU 2 and TAU 6 are used for the identification of persons or vehicles, to enable filling stations and for capturing and managing fuel data and are available in calibratable and non-calibratable versions.

Persons or vehicles are identified by entering a code or optionally via a touch memory chip. A query of the current mileage of the vehicle is thereby possible.

TAU 2 is suitable for managing a max. of 2 filling stations, TAU 6 for a max. of 16 filling stations.
The fuel data are captured and locally stored. The subsequent forwarding of the data can occur via data cable, touch memory chip or modem to a PC or a dot matrix printer. A fuel data capturing software is offered for data processing on the PC.

POS systems

Stationary FLACO fuel systems can always be linked to POS systems. The link must always be checked in individual cases.

A listing of the supported links and protocols may be found here.


Non-calibratable systems can be linked to a FLACODIS I. With the compact device, the filling station can be enabled for the next filling process, and the quantity to be delivered can be selected and it simultaneously is used as a second display of the actually delivered quantity.