Tank Container (TCI)

TCI systems are turnkey tank containers, including tank, filling fittings and dispensing systems for AdBlue® in calibratable or non-calibratable version.

The advantages of FLACO TCI systems at a glance:

  • Proven technology designed to meet the requirements of AdBlue®
  • Slim design for integration on filling station islands
  • Housing usable as advertising space
  • Insulated and heated system
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Conformity assessment in the factory possible
  • Support frame to compensate for height differences and fuel management systems are available
  • Excellent price/service ratio

Many times proven

AdBlue® differs significantly from other tank media, such as Diesel or gasoline. The entire technology from the filling connection to the tank and the pump up to the nozzle is designed for these specific requirements, and has proven itself in practical use a thousands of times and meets all the requirements of DIN 70070

Intelligent design

The slim design of the TCI systems allows the integration of filling station islands. Thus, the vehicles will be refueled simultaneously with diesel and AUS 32. The shapely housing of the TCI can also be used as advertising space.


AdBlue® freezes at temperatures below -11 ° C. Therefore, TCI systems have a 30 mm thick insulation, a self-closing Plexiglas door to protect the nozzle and delivery hose and a thermostat-controlled heater.

Easy to install

In order to operate the system, you only need an approved installation location, a power supply of 230 V, 50 Hz, and if you want, a data cable to connect to existing POS systems or automatic dispensers. Qualified partners will support you. Advantages: Little coordination effort and low installation costs.

Conformity assessment from the factory

If desired, the conformity assessment is carried out at a fixed price. This means a better plan of the overall costs and further reduced coordination effort.

Practical accessories

FLACO naturally also offers accessories for TCI systems. Support frames to compensate for height differences, fuel-management systems with remote data transmission or automatic dispensers for the administration and control of tank operations.

TCI systems are worth their price

The turnkey tank containers are characterized by an excellent price. See for yourself!