Safety equipment

Aqueous urea solution (AUS 32) is placed into the water hazard class (WGK) 1. All TCI systems naturally satisfy the conditions attached to it. When setting up the systems in water protection areas further rules might need to be followed!

Design of the tank

Single or double-walled tanks are used in reference on the tank size. Single-walled tanks are always used together with an approved collecting device.

Leakage warning device

TCI systems with single-wall tanks are equipped with the leakage warning device LWG 2000, which in the case of a leakage emits visual and acoustic signals. It is equipped with a probe that is placed at the lowest point of the collecting device.

Double-walled tanks are equipped with an optical leakage indication.

Overfill protection

The overfill protection BC-1 emits visual and acoustic signals when reaching a filling level of 95%, so that the filling of the tank can be stopped and an overfilling is prevented.