FLACO TCI systems consist of many components that can be assembled according to your wishes. The components and their potential configurations are presented in the following.

Filling connections

The TCI systems are equipped with a 2 inch pipe of stainless steel for quick filling. A 2 inch line is also available for venting the tank.


Of course, the stationary FLACO fuel systems are available in a calibratable and non-calibratable version.


Various systems are available for the display of delivery quantities, price per liter and total price.

Feed pumps

The TCI systems are equipped with feed pumps, which are specifically designed for the requirements of AUS 32. The limited self-priming centrifugal pumps have a pump body of stainless steel.

Dispensing panel

For the installation of display, nozzle and eventually the filling connection the TCI systems are equipped with a dispensing panel made of GRP.


Nozzles for AUS 32 are made of stainless steel and are designed without a lock. TCI systems can be equipped with automatic nozzles with and without a magnetic lock. The placement area for the nozzles has a contact switch to control the fuel-supply pumps.

Dispensing hoses

The dispensing hoses are designed for the specific features of AUS 32 and meet the requirements of DIN 70070. They are mounted on hose reels with automatic, non-lockable tube feeder.


FLACO offers various systems for the tank contents measurement - from mechanical filling level display to tank management system with data transmission.