Consultation and Service

Flaco offers more than first-class equipment and systems: consultation and service from the inventory prior to a purchase decision up to the maintenance service for the entire service life of the products. This is how you will receive a complete all-inclusive package.

Planning and Project Management

FLACO already supports you in the planning from the acquisition of the current status until the approval of the project.

Installation and commissioning

Dismantling old systems, installation of new systems, expansion of existing systems, pipeline construction and commissioning - all from one source.

Official inspection and testing

Some FLACO products must be inspected and/or tested by an official agency due to legal regulations. FLACO will also support you here.

Maintenance and Repair

Routine maintenance helps in preventing expensive repairs. FLACO offer you a comprehensive network of service partners, in addition to its own technicians.

Information and training

In order to keep you updated of  continuous developments of products, FLACO also offers training for various previous knowledge in addition to the FLACO info service.

Personal care

Personal contact will still remain extremely important in the future. FLACO therefore also focuses on a comprehensive network of sales and service partners, in addition to their own field service employees.