Information and training

Times change. The product and version diversity increases continuously. Products are continuously further developed and optimized. Informing mployees, partners and customers becomes more and more important. FLACO has a two-stage concept for this, consisting of the FLACO Info-Service (FIS) and regular training.

Constantly up to date

FLACO will continuously keep you up to date of new and continuous developments with the FLACO Info- Service. You will always be at the state of the art and can use the information optimally.

You will find the FLACO Info-Service in the download area of FLACO intern.

Training is irreplaceable

In addition to FIS, FLACO also totally focused on training to inform employees and partners and qualify them, for example, for servicing FLACO systems.
These training courses are held in small groups, in which the acquired knowledge can be tested directly in the products. Care is taken that the participants always have a comparable level of knowledge in the training courses.