Maintenance and Repair

You have decided on a high-quality and dependable product with a product by FLACO. It is still subject to a certain amount of wear. Routine maintenance helps in preventing expensive repairs.

So that there are no malfunctions

Equipment and systems that are continuously in use must be routinely maintained. FLACO offers a maintenance service, which will be performed by in-house technicians and service partners. These inspections include the inspection of the entire system and the maintenance activities, such as the replacement of worn parts.

If it still occurs

If a failure still occurs, you can fall back on the FLACO repair service. This includes repairs by service technicians at your location and therefore also by the FLACO repair department at headquarters. FLACO technicians as well as a network of trained service partners are available for this.

Quick remedy

Do you also know this? If something absolutely may not happen, a malfunction occurs. You need a quick solution to be able to continue to work. FLACO keeps replacement equipment for these cases, which will be dispatched immediately, if you report a malfunction. The defective part is simply replaced and your system is ready immediately. The defective part is then sent to FLACO for repairs or properly disposed of.

Lease equipment for brief bottlenecks

FLACO also offers you pneumatic equipment on a lease basis. You can thereby bridge short bottlenecks, for example, at repairs and conversions or perform tests.