Official inspection and testing

Some FLACO products must be inspected and/or tested by an official agency due to legal regulations. FLACO will support you as follows:

Calibrations and conformity evaluations

If you invoice the sales of fluids according to volume, the technology used must be subjected to a routine, repetitive calibration or conformity evaluation.

FLACO will conduct a preliminary test of the measuring accuracy of the products, if possible, so that the fluid delivery is within the tolerances after the on-site installation. A costly adjustment of the system is then no longer required and the costs for the testing or evaluation are lower.

Up to 30.10.2006, national type approvals were granted for this purpose by the Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB). Products with this certification will be calibrated.

Since 31.10.2006, the PTB only issues EC sample testing certificates. Products with this certification are subjected to a conformity evaluation. This conformity evaluation can also be performed by FLACO in the factory for some products. Your advantage: You can calculate a fixed prices, there is no coordination effort and you will not experience any adverse surprises.

TUEV acceptance for pressure tanks

Pressure tanks must be subjected routinesly to an inspection by TUEV, depending on the volume and maximum pressure. FLACO completes the preparations for the interior and exterior pressure tank test and the water pressure test.