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AdBlue® dispenser with integrated tank

TCI 1000 | AdBlue®-dispenser with integrated tank

  • for car and truck refills
  • ATEX
  • 1000 liter storage volume
  • clear view over the filling station

Our TCI 1000 dispenser is a turnkey filling stations including storage tank, fill valve, pump unit, flow meter and nozzle for AdBlue® / aqueous urea solution (AUS 32 / DEF / ARLA 32) in a calibrated version.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Optimized for a clear view of the gas station
  • Integration on pump islands, fuel dispenser with tank in one housing
  • Proven technology designed to meet the special requirements of AdBlue®
  • Insulated stainless steel wall mounting
  • Easy access to the nozzle
  • Intelligent heating system for the interior space and delivery hose
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Available in a calibrated version (MID) as well as a non-calibratable version
  • Foundation frame available for anchoring in pump island
  • ATEX versions available

AdBlue® differs significantly from other tank media such as diesel or petrol. The entire technology from the filling connection to the tank and feed pump as well as the nozzle is designed for these special requirements and naturally, meets the requirements
of the ISO 22241.

Sophisticated design

The slim design of the TCI systems allows for integration in pump islands. This enables vehicles to be refilled with diesel and AdBlue® simultaneously.


AdBlue® freezes at temperatures below -11°C. Therefore, TCI systems have 30 mm thick insulation and thermostat-controlled heating. This allows you to supply your customers with AdBlue® even at icy temperatures.

ATEX version available

The dispenser can be supplied in an entirely ATEX-compliant design, to install and use the TCI in the operating area of petrol pumps.

Meeting the requirements

We rely on DIBt (German Institute for Structural Engineering) approved components and provide the tank with an overfill safety and leak detector according to the German Water Management Act (WHG).

Easy to install

The base frame has fork inserts for loading unfilled dispensers on forklifts. Together with the foundation frame, it ensures quick and simple installation.
In order to be able to commission the systems, you merely require an approved installation site, a 230 V, 50 Hz power connection and if required, a data cable for connection to existing POS systems or automatic pumps. Qualified FLACO partners conduct installation and commissioning. Your advantages: Minimal coordination effort and low installation costs.

Calibrated / MID for retail of AdlBlue®

We deliver our systems ex works calibrated according to MID. You can sell AdBlue® by price per volume price (€/l) with the FLACO declaration of conformity according to MID. Consequently, the dispenser is equipped for recurring calibrations. This provides you with a better planning of the total costs and even less coordination effort.

Clean, compatible and easily accessible

For the filling connection, we rely on dry disconnect couplings. For dispensers with a large tank, also for filling from tank trucks with NATO STANAG 3756. This is popular among logistics providers and beneficial because of its cleanliness.
Wide access doors enable easy access to the technical installations for the inspection and servicing of the dispensers.

Practical accessories

  • Support frame, to compensate for height differences
  • Wheel deflectors
  • Tank management systems
  • Automatic dispensers

Option self-filling device:
The self-filling equipment includes a fix installed filling pump and suction hose with CDS coupling for connection to standard 1,000 liter IBC containers.
A later conversion to 2 "dry clutch is possible.


Tank volume
1.000 Liter
500 kg
1.500 x 800 x 2.330 mm (L x W x H)
Number of taps
1 to 2
Layout of taps
left / right
Delivery rate
up to 10 Liter/min. cars; up to 25 Liter/min trucks
subermersile pump; 230V; 50Hz; 0,65kW
1.500 mm
800 mm
2.220 mm


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