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Adblue filling systems with MID

AdBlue® filling system | FLACOblue200 MID | ZV10.2A

Article Number: 40603469
  • for 200 liter drums
  • for Weights & Measure certified applications
  • option: receipt printer

Mobile filling system (210 liter) to refill SCR passenger cars and light commer-cial vehicles with AdBlue®/DEF

Diesel vehicles with SCR technology need to be replenished with AdBlue® by a workshop or the customer at certain time or mile-age intervals.

Refilling passenger cars and light commercial vehicles with Ad-Blue®/DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) is significantly different from refilling trucks. Due to the geometry of the tank system and the AdBlue®/DEF filler neck (according to ISO 22241-5) truck tank systems are not suitable for refilling passenger cars, with few exceptions. FLACO mobile filling systems were designed especially for Weights & Measure certified applications in workshops.
This system is far more efficient than manual refilling from small canisters and allows vehicles to be filled quickly and safely.

Clean refilling

The sensor-controlled automatic AdBlue® filling nozzle ZV10.2A switch off automatically after reaching maxi-mum fill level. A full hose valve and a precisely fittings components permit an almost drip-free refilling. In order to rule out incorrect refilling, the filling nozzle is adapted to the AdBlue® filler neck and activated with a mismatch-proof feature.

Safe refilling

In-built safeguards prevent overfilling of the vehicle tank’s frost protection air space.

Quick refilling

The FLACOblu200 MID operated with two flow rates: with a standard speed of about 3,5l/min and a quick-filling function (Boost) with a maximum flow of up to 6,5 l/min. This can be set during dispensing. The time savings compared to con-ventional and manual units is up to 30%.

Impressive cost-efficiency

Traditional, manual car AdBlue®/DEF dispensing systems available on the mar-ket require about 30 minutes including set-up time for one refilling process from a 10 l AdBlue®/DEF canister. The FLACOblue200 MID filling system requires just 10 minutes for the same refilling process.

High flexibility

The FLACOblue200 MID unit runs off its integral rechargeable battery and can therefore be used anywhere with-out delay. A battery charge indicator in the VGA display shows the current battery level and warns the user in good time when the battery needs recharging by means of the integral charger unit.
In the display, you can also read the tank level, the amount last tanked and the total tanked quantity.

Quick drum Change

The filling system is fitted with a CDS quick coupling system, allowing rapid changing of standard 210 drums with CDS suction connector.
Thanks to having two large rigid wheels and two swivel wheels, the appliance is very maneuverable and rolls easi-ly. A castor brake holds the trolley firmly in place.

Reliable automatic nozzle ZV10.2A

The AdBlue® filling nozzle ZV10.2A operates electronically using a fill level sensor. The specially developed Quadro sensor head and programming prevent the unwanted dispersion of the frost protec-tion air reserves and thus an overfilling of the tank. An integrated status display indicates when the filling nozzle is positioned correctly or the vehicle tank has been completely filled.
The operating lever can be engaged, The ZV10.2A has been provided with a general approval by the building authority (also ATEX³ version)

Safe refilling

In-built safeguards prevent overfilling of the vehicle tank’s frost protection air space.

Tank volume
200 Liter
Type of tank
200 Liter drum
Gauged acc. to Weigths & Measures (MID)
Delivery rate
max. 8 Liter/min.
self-priming membrane pump with pressure switch
Diameter hose
19 mm
Length hose
approx. 2,5 m


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