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Adblue filling systems with MID

Adblue filling unit | FLACOblue100 MID

Article Number: 40603511
  • integrated refill-pump
  • compact design
  • low centre of gravity
  • easily manoeuvrable

FLACOblue100 MID
Mobile MID AdBlue® filling unit for garages

FLACOblue100 MID is the first weights and measures certified mobile AdBlue® filling unit specially designed for precise and clean AdBlue®-refilling of passanger cars in workshops.
Due to the gauged refilling of AdBlue®, billing with the customer can be managed on the exact delivery quantity. The amount filled is shown in the integrated display. Additionally an integrated printer can be used. Thanks to having two large rigid wheels and two swivel wheels, the appliance is very maneuverable and rolls easily. A castor brake holds the trolley firmly in place.

High flexibility

The FLACOblue100 MID unit runs off its integral rechargeable battery and can therefore be used anywhere without delay. A battery charge indicator in the VGA display shows the current battery level and warns the user in good time when the battery needs recharging by means of the integral charger unit.

Quick and economic refilling

The FLACOblue100 MID operates with two flow rates: standard speed of about 3,5l/min and a quick-filling function (Boost) with a maximum flow of up to 6,5 l/min. This can be set during dispensing. The time sav-ings compared to conventional and manual units is up to 30%.
The automatic filling nozzle ZV10.2A Basic operates electronically using a fill level sensor. The specially developed Quadro sensor head and programming pre-vent the unwanted dispersion of the frost protection air reserves and thus an overfilling of the tank.
A full hose valve and a precisely fittings components permit an almost drip-free refilling. In order to rule out incorrect refilling, the filling nozzle is adapted to the AdBlue® filler neck and activated with a mismatch-proof feature.
The operating lever can be engaged, the ZV10.2A Basic has been provided with a general approval by TÜV Nord.
The status indication in the control display signals when the nozzle is correctly positioned and the vehicle tank is completely filled.

Tank volume
100 liter
Quadro-sensorgesteuertes Automatik-Zapfventil ZV10.2A
Gauged acc. to Weigths & Measures (MID)
Delivery rate
max. 8 Liter/min.
Diameter hose
19 mm
Length hose
approx. 2,5 m
Membranpumpe selbstansaugend mit Druckschalter
Type of tank
integrierter 100 Liter Tank

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