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Adblue filling systems with MID

AdBlue Befüllsystem | FLACOblue200 MID | Mercedes-Benz | Wi-Fi

Article Number: 40603465
  • with Wi-Fi module for connection to Dealer Management System (DMS)
  • Mercedes-Benz version
  • pre-set of filling quantity
  • printer as an option

FLACOblue200 MID Mercedes-Benz version
calibrated mobile filling system for AdBlue® in garages

The FLACOblue200 MID is a calibrateable and certifiable mobile filling system specially developed for precise and clean AdBlue® refueling of cars in car repair shops. Compared to the manual refill with small containers this system is much more economical.
Due to the calibrated dispensing of AdBlue®, the dispensed quantity can be invoiced exactly and after Euro per liter with the customer.
In the display of the device, the quantity dispensed is displayed true to the original.This FLACOblue 200 MID has a Wi-Fi interface via which data is transferred to the workshop DMS system. The device is equipped with the FLACO automatic dispensing valve ZV10.2S.

Grid independend supply

Thanks to the built-in battery, the device can be operated independently of the mains. A power or compressed air connection is not required during use.
Thus, the FLACOblue is immediately ready for use anytime, anywhere and the refueling process is significantly reduced. A charge level indicator informs you at all times about the condition of the battery and informs you in good time if the battery needs to be recharged with the integrated charger.

Quick refills

The FLACOblue200 MID has a conveyor with a self-regulating capacity of approx. 2.5 - 10 l / min.

Recording of order data

Order data can be recorded via the integrated FLACODAT IV and the quantities dispensed can be assigned to them. The device can transmit this order-related data via Wi-Fi to the DMS system Autoline.

Comfortable handling

The FLACOblue200 MID is equipped with a gas measuring prevention. If the drum is changed, the system is automatically vented to ensure a bubble-free spigot.
With its compact dimensions, it can be easily used even in confined spaces. Thanks to two large rollers and two castors, it is very agile and easy to move. A parking brake ensures a secure stand.

Reliable automatic dispensing valve ZV10.2S

The nozzle ZV10.1S switches off automatically even at the lowest flow rate when the maximum level is reached and prevents the unwanted displacement of the antifreeze air reserve (overfilling). Thanks to the full hose valve and the special design of the components, it is possible to refill with virtually no drips. In order to rule out incorrect refueling, the nozzle is connected and locked with the AdBlue® filler neck (in accordance with ISO 22241-5) in a way that is not confusing. Only after correct locking the refueling is released.
The specially developed sensor head prevents overfilling of the tank. The adaptive filling speed varies depending on the tank between 2.5 - 10l / min. This intelligent volume flow control achieves a unique combination of fast and reliable filling.



Tank volume
200 Liter
Type of tank
for 200 Liter change drum
sensor controlled nozzle ZV10.2S, with screw adaptor
Gauged acc. to Weigths & Measures (MID)
Delivery rate
max. 10 Liter/min.
self-priming membrane pump with pressure switch
Diameter hose
19 mm
Length hose
ca. 2,8 m

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