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anti freeze solutions

Solutions for mixing and dispensing engine radiator antifreeze

Basic structure of the systems

The systems usually contain a buffer tank whose size depends on the capacity of the vehicles. Here it is also possible to mix media in the desired concentration. This is usually done with radiator antifreeze and windshield frost protection systems. But even the dosing of additives in the smallest concentrations is common practice. Upon request, we also manufacture equipment for use in the Atex area.

Example of a typical process in vacuum filling:

  •  Adaptation to the vehicle
  •  Automated transmission of all filling parameters
  •  Evacuate air out of the part/vehicle
  •  Vacuum test to detect leaks
  •  Filling the part/vehicle
  •  Pressure test of the vehicle
  •  Leveling, i.e. aspirating from the medium to a standardized level
  •  Deadaption
  •  Transmission and archiving of the filling data to higher-level system

Filling adapter

In order to make the filling process safe and ergonomic, specially adapted adapters are produced.

The following specifications can be implemented:

  • Automatic clamping
  • Motorized leveling adjustment
  • Controlled full hose valves
  • Multi adapter with 2 to 4 media channels
  • Monitoring of the adapter position
  • Media resistance for special media
  • Intermediate adaptations for change of different series deviations (models/types)


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