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FD compact - new space saving DEF / AdBlue® dispenser

Respond to the needs of diesel car drivers

For gas station operators, the requirements from customer side are increasing. Not with every diesel refuel, the DEF / AdBlue® tank will be refilled.
The offer secures the demand - and so every new AdBlue® dispenser binds customers to their gas station. In many places car diesel customers have to be satisfied with the expensive service of the auto repair shop or refilling from canisters due to the low availability of AdBlue® dispensers. Thererfore the dissatisfaction among the diesel drivers is growing. As soon as a comfortable and clean AdBlue® dispenser invites you for refilling, consumers will prefer this alternative.

economic solutions count

The construction of an additional underground tank often is too time-consuming. FLACO has created a space-saving retrofit solution - the FD compact. This gauged AdBlue® dispensing solution can be equipped with 1 or 2 dispensing points and configured for car or truck refilling.

ATEX certified

In ATEX-compliant design, the FD compactt allows installation near multi-product dispensers.


At the filling station area, the space between existing dispensers is very limited. The solution is bridged by the FD compact through the wall mounting set. This can also be mounted on support columns of gas station roofs.

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