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oil supply for gerbox test stand

Oil supply for test stands

Oil center for the supply of up to 14 EOL test stands

EOL test benches serve the final inspection of passenger car transmissions in the production chain. All driving situations of the vehicle are simulated on the test stands, and the gearboxes are permanently purged and cleaned with ultrapure oil. This procedure allows lifetime lubrication of the gears, thus ensuring a long service life of the gearbox.

The oil center cleans both virgin oil and polluted oil from the return of the test benches in several stages. For this purpose, cleaning centrifuges and multi-stage filters are used.

The main components of the system are:

  •     Pure oil tank, with 2 feed pumps
  •     Dirty oil tank, with 1 feed pump
  •     Hoppertank, with 1 feed pump
  •     2 centrifuges
  •     Filter unit with:
    •     main filter
    •     police filter
  •     PLC control


The centrifuge cleans the oil and delivers it to the dirty oil tank.

The rotor speed of the centrifuge is 3000 1 / min, monitored by vibration sensor, stop when an imbalance arises.

Maintenance of the centrifuges during operation

In the event that the centrifuges are maintained during operation, it is possible to direct the oil returning from the test field directly into the clean oil tank via the filter.


The controllers of all stations are connected via the higher-level SCADA system and exchange information permanently.

On the individual stations there is a receive and a send data block for the supply and processing plant. In these data blocks, all important information is exchanged between the connected station and the supply and processing station.



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